MER TableTalkspt4 – Ketu Bø & Roland Engelbracht

In this podcast we talk about myofascial meridians, Anatomy Trains, and their significance in relation to posture, deep bodywork and personal growth. How you stand and walk has an effect on how you feel think, and vice versa. Your issues are also in your tissues! In this talk we want to clarify and de-mystify what happens when deep, physical touch also touches you on an emotional level.

Ketu Bø

Ketu Bø infuses his practice with a profound enthusiasm, closely examining the complex connections between mind, body, and spirit. As an expert in Postural Integration, Osho Rebalancing, Myofascial Energetic Release (MER), and Postural Alignment through Egoscue postural therapy, he adopts a comprehensive strategy for health and wellness. Recently, he has broadened his skill set by obtaining certification in the Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM). Beyond managing his own therapy business, he shares his expertise by conducting MER training sessions at Osho Risk in Denmark.

Roland Engelbracht

In 2006, in search of a new career direction, Roland Engelbracht consulted an astrologer who suggested he consider a profession in hands-on spiritual healing. This guidance prompted him to investigate various approaches until he decided to join a Rebalancing course at the Humaniversity, led by Satyarthi Peloquin, one of Rebalancing’s founders, in the autumn of 2008. Roland’s path then led to a close partnership with Satyarthi, helping to teach Myofascial Energetic Release techniques in the Netherlands and China. By 2019, Satyarthi had given Roland the opportunity to conduct his workshops in the Netherlands, where he successfully trained nearly 80 individuals to become MER Therapists. By 2021, Roland and Satyarthi introduced MER7 to enhance the MER training offerings further, and together with Pavani, they opened a new treatment facility in Arillas, Corfu.

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