MER TableTalkspt2 – Roland Engelbracht

In “MER Tabletalks2,” hosts Roland and Andrea delve into how integrating M sessions with Gyrotonic workouts can improve physical conditioning. Originated by a dancer, M sessions are crafted to unlock the body’s structures, thereby preparing it for Gyrotonic exercises which further expand these areas and enhance neuroplasticity. They examine the benefits of the Gyrotonic equipment, emphasizing its effectiveness in offering feedback and improving exercises, particularly with hand-assisted stretching techniques. They also highlight a specific stretching exercise using the MER device, stressing the importance of engaging the legs, especially focusing on the hamstring series.

Roland Engelbracht

In 2006, in search of a new career direction, Roland Engelbracht consulted an astrologer who suggested he consider a profession in hands-on spiritual healing. This guidance prompted him to investigate various approaches until he decided to join a Rebalancing course at the Humaniversity, led by Satyarthi Peloquin, one of Rebalancing’s founders, in the autumn of 2008. Roland’s path then led to a close partnership with Satyarthi, helping to teach Myofascial Energetic Release techniques in the Netherlands and China. By 2019, Satyarthi had given Roland the opportunity to conduct his workshops in the Netherlands, where he successfully trained nearly 80 individuals to become MER Therapists. By 2021, Roland and Satyarthi introduced MER7 to enhance the MER training offerings further, and together with Pavani, they opened a new treatment facility in Arillas, Corfu.

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