The 7 Elements of

Myofascial Energetic Release


MER blends a variety of deep bodywork techniques, including fascial release & stretching, joint mobilization and deep tissue bodywork. The practitioner remains consciously connected to his/her own body and effectively utilizes the body weight to work through blockages and contractions with skill and sensitivity. A simple verbal feedback loop empowers the Pro-Active Participant to communicate the quality and depth of the touch to ensure a safe experience of fascial release.


Conscious movement and the development of sensory awareness are important components of the MER treatment. Spontaneous, free movement is supported during sessions and encouraged to continue throughout daily life. The body’s innate wisdom to regulate itself is expressed through spontaneous unwinding movements of the fascial tissues during a session.
This natural movement serves to restore structural alignment and healthy balance resulting in moving from the core of the body, in daily life, with more ease and grace.


The MER system nourishes emotional awareness with conscious release of emotions and trauma held in the body and nervous system. The breath is used to build up and release energetic charge, allowing for emotions to surface from the subconscious to be felt and expressed. A 5 step process that engages emotions helps to uncover and integrate the emotional experience, enabling the Pro-Active Participant (receiver) to grow and develop greater emotional maturity.


The experience of deep interdependent connection is the beating heart of the MER system. The experience of MER through a skillful practitioner empowers the Pro-Active Participant (recipient) to develop a greater understanding of his body, true needs and authentic expression. MER facilitates the Pro-Active Participant to be fully met by the Self in turn and relating with others with choices fostering nourishment, self-care, respect and compassion. Trusting yourself and your body is the foundation of trusting in life.

Pain Relief

Soft tissue contractions cause 96% of chronic pains in the human body thereby causing pressure on the pain receptors and causing spasms and discomfort. MER works through the targeted release of these soft tissue contractions. MER is rooted in the latest anatomical, physiological and psychological knowledge to offer a transformational experience so that one may live pain-free. MER also includes natural movement and self-care exercises to support your commitment to sustain a pain-free life.


Meditation is the art of putting the mind aside and accessing an inner space of silence, stillness and peace. A state of pure presence is the gateway to true healing, beyond the limitations of ordinary human consciousness. By incorporating meditation in the MER practice we are able to tap into these powerful universal healing energies and direct them to where they are needed, restoring our natural flow in life. A present touch is a true gift to be


Breath is life. Awareness of how we breathe, reconnects us to our Life Force. Breathing into the tension, pain and numb feeling held inside of the body floods the constriction with oxygen. Breathing with awareness expands our capacity to engage the pain as a messenger. Hearing the voice of pain increases our capacity to nourish resilience. Breath brings Light into the hidden, forgotten parts of the body, heart and mind.